Bike resources

Here is a list of bike shops and other biking resources you may find interesting

It is important to purchase a bicycle - used or new - from an actual store. The bikes sold at flea markets can be stolen and of doubtfull quality. This will mean that the cost for you repairing it will, in the end, match that of buying it from a store.

Having said that here you will find a list of bike stores in Uppsala:

Shop                           Address                           Telephone

Cykeltoppen               Sernanders väg 8 (Flogsta) 018-46 10 90

Cykel Viktor                Svartbäcksgatan 25           018-10 10 19

Eriksbergs Cykel         Karlsrogatan 82                018-53 87 70

Fålhagens Cykel          Strandbokilen 3                018-13 76 77

Leffes Cykel                Sibyllegatan 9                   018-53 60 45

Stahléns Cykel            Vaksalagatan 51                018-120065


Check the Student Union bulletin board as well as international student groups on facebook. Average price for a second hand bike is about SEK 1000:-.