Information about Uppsala


Uppsala is one of the oldest cities in Sweden. Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala) was a central town for the ancient cultures of the area and while Uppsala diminished in importance with the changing geography of the land it regained some importance with the establishment of Uppsala University in 1477. To cut a long story short, Uppsala burnt down and was rebuilt a number of times and now has more than 148 000 residents and is the fourth biggest city in Sweden. 


Uppsala is situated about 67 km north of Stockholm, and is in fact closer to Arlanda Airport (the main international airport in Sweden) than Stockholm is. You can get to Uppsala from Arlanda by the following means of transportation:

Bus - take bus 801. It goes pretty much around the clock. For a timetable you can log in to Upplands lokaltrafik's homepage, using the link "Timetables as PDF" select route 801 from the drop-down menu "regiontrafiken". 

- Upplands lokaltrafik's homepage

Train - there are a number of trains that travel the route between Arlanda and Uppsala. You can log in to SJ, the railway's homepage, and check the times for Arlanda C to Uppsala C. Or check the Uppland lokaltrafik website and look for 'Upptåget' and check the times for Arlanda C to Uppsala C

- SJ's homepage

- Upplands lokaltrafik's homepage

Taxi - costs around 500 crowns, ask for a price before beginning the journey;

Below this page you find two helpful files about local busses in Uppsala.

The landscape around Uppsala is the flattest in all of mainland Sweden (because of the movement of the glaciers) which makes the town ideally suited to cycling. You can bike all year round with the right equipment, and all student housing areas are within biking distance from the city centre. 


The average temperature in the winter is -5 in Uppsala, and the summer is 16 - that's proper degrees I mean, for all of you people still using archaic measurements such as Fahrenheit... 

The coldest weather ever recorded is 39.5 below zero, and the warmest is 38 above. The weather is often hard to predict here - sometimes the winters are snowy and cold, other times there is hardly any snow at all. Sometimes the summers are fantastic and you can swim in the rivers and lakes all summer long, and sometimes they are about as warm and inviting as a London autumn. You will need proper winter clothing here, there will doubtless be at least a week of weather around -10, which is cold!

Useful links:

Uppsala Municipality's homepage

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Upplands lokaltrafik (busses)