Finding a job


How do you go about finding a job? Here are some tips!

It can be very difficult to find a job that pays enough to support yourself. The cost of living in Sweden is quite high. To find out more you can follow the link below to the Student Union's guide to the cost of living in Sweden.

Read more about the cost of living

You should note that the Migration Board stipulates that students should have access to 7300 Swedish crowns per month for the duration of their time in Sweden. Make sure that you really DO have access to these funds! That said, most people at some stage will want to supplement their income by getting a job.

There are two main barriers to getting part-time work in Uppsala

1) It is a small town (180 000 people) with many students (30 000), which means that competition is quite high for such jobs. 

2) Many jobs require a working knowledge of Swedish. While most Swedish people speak very good English there are not that many jobs that one can get speaking only English.

Some times you can find jobs at the Student Nations. However, it is important that you know that these jobs are more of a volontary kind and pay very little. You can find out more about student nations in the following article

Article about student nations  

These are student organisations that are run entirely by students. You might find work in their cafés or restaurants or pubs. Most pay around 200 crowns for a night's work and include free food and drink, although some of the smaller nations don't pay any money, just food and drink. You should undertake this work mostly because it is fun, not for the money! It is also a fantastic way to make new friends. If you work at one nation regularly you can make really good friends and have some fun parties.  Note: if you do the maths on this it means that it is hard to make a living from working at the nations. If you can find work every single day of the week at the nations you will still only earn around 6000 crowns per month, and you will be working approximately 70-80 hours per week, which is simply not possible to do.

The official place for jobseekers is called AMS - you can follow the link below to their website

link to AMS

You may find it easier to speak to someone about job seeking in person. In Uppsala you can find their office at Bangårdsg. 9 Here is a link to a map.

Map showing AMS office in Uppsala

There are even recruitment agencies that can help you find jobs.


S:t Persgatan 17, 753 20 Uppsala

018-18 59 70


Svartbäcksg. 8, 75320 Uppsala

018-65 33 00


Gamla Torget 5, 75320 Uppsala

018-60 63 00‎

Academic Work

Lindstedtsvägen 24

114 28 Stockholm

08-562 448 00


Drottning Kristinas väg 25

114 28 Stockholm

08-562 467 00


Kungsgatan 66

111 22 Stockholm 

08 216700

Try Multimind if you are fluent in other languages and would like to do market research in your homecountry via telephone. 


Mail: info [at]

Telephone numer: +46 844689998


Otherwise there is the old trick of turning up at cafes and pubs,

asking if they are seeking waiters, dishwashers, bartenders or

whatever, or to post signs at supermarkets and whatever saying that you

are available as a babysitter, or that you can teach a language or

whatever skill you might have... these sort of things - be creative and

see what turns up!

A proper career

You may of course be interested in work that is more than just a temporary thing. Of course, all of the above recruitment agencies are good for finding "real jobs" but you can even get help from other sources:

The EU has a created a helpful career guidance website called "Euro Guidance".

You can even get help from your study counsellor at your department (studievägledning in Swedish) or even from the University's department for study and career services. Their site is in Swedish, but you can follow "länkar" to see a number of good links or "kontakta" to contact them and ask for help.


If you are interested in voluntary work, you can contact Volontärbyrån