What do you need to ensure that you are ready to get a job?

All information here is intended as a guide. Given that visas are a serious matter you should always check with the Migration Board.

Migrations Board's website

Most guest researchers will need a working permit.

If you are here on a visa for university studies however, you will most likely not need a special working permit. As long as you have a valid study visa you will be able to work in Sewden. There are no restrictions placed on the type or amount of work you can do.

Again, make sure you check with the Migration Board!

To work legally you will have to get a tax file number. I use the term "tax file number" for clarity's sake: in Swedish this is referred to as a personnummer, which is often translated as a "civil registration number" or "coordination number". However, if your stay is less than one year you are not eligible for a civil registration number. You will however need to register at the Tax Office (Skatteverket), and you will receive a number - your "tax file number".This is called a samordningsnummer.

Follow this link for a map of where the Tax Office is (Skatteverket)

Make sure you take your passport and maybe even your letter of admission with you. You will have to fill out a form and then they will send your tax file number to you in the post. You can then take this number to your employer and you can get paid! If you want to work at a nation this means that you should go and see the Second Curator at the nation - also known as the 2Q.

You should note, if you have brought your spouse with you then they must apply for a working visa themselves. Their application is totally separate from yours.