Make sure that you have correct health insurance. Healthcare in Sweden is extremely expensive, and if you do not have your health insurance in correct order it will cost a lot. Please read the article about insurance.


A regular visit to the doctor: 1400 crowns

Fixing a broken hand: 7000 crowns

This document will explain the somewhat complicated Swedish healthcare system. A caveat regarding the healthcare system in Sweden: it is often difficult to in fact talk to someone! When ringing any number (except 112) expect long waiting times. Make sure that you have credit on your mobile! Approximately 1 of 4 phonecalls are not answered (source), which is frustrating. Do not even consider ringing outside of their telephone hours - the phone will simply be disconnected.

Speaking of phone numbers, there are two phone numbers you should know:

112: This is the emergency number. You can ring this number in case of any emergency and the operator will connect you to the relevant people - be it police, ambulance, fire, whatever! It should be noted that 112 is for emergencies only.

1177: This number is known in Swedish as Sjukvårdsrådgivningen - the health care advice line. You should not use this number if you are in need of emergency attention, or if you have an ongoing problem you are already receiving treatment for - in this case it is better to simply contact the doctor who is treating. You should ring if you are less seriously sick, or if you are not sure where you should turn for treatment. When you ring 1177 you will talk with a qualified nurse who has received training in telephone-based healthcare. You can ring the number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Apoteket is the Swedish pharmacy. Not only do they sell all medicine, but they also are able to help you with more minor problems. This can be especially usefull for students on a tight budget! Got a sinus problem? Considering going first to the Apoteket. Check the list below to find your nearest Apotek.

Blå rummet

This service is run by the hospital (Akademiska sjukhus). If you have questions about a specific medical procedure, or if you want want to ask more general questions, or if you do not know where you should go for help you can go to the Blå rummet.


Entrance 70 (ingång 70)

Ground Floor

Akademiska sjukhuset


018-611 30 07

Opening Hours: 

Monday 8.30-16.00

Tuesday - Friday kl 8.30-15.00

Vårdcentral: Vårdcentral is the Swedish health centre. Here you can get a range of different treatments. Unlike many countries where you may have a doctor surgery that is a little house on a street, Swedish healthcare is largely centralised into these larger health centres. If you need medical treatment, such as seeing a doctor, it is the vårdcentral that you need. If you need specialist treatment the doctors at the health centre will be able to give you a referral.

Click here to find your nearest vårdcentral or apotek

Samariterhemmet - Uppsala närakut

This is the place that you can go when you can't get a hold of anyone else!

Here you can find "Uppsala närakut". They are open from 7-23 and have drop in booking. You can find "Uppsala närakut" on the 6th floor of the Samariterhemmet building - you use the side entrance (the side closest to stora torget), go in through the doors and take the elevator up. Närakut is probably not the best place to go if you have a serious problem. 

The Hospital: Akademiska sjukhus

This is where you should go if you have a serious problem or need immediate medical attention that you could not get from a regular doctor. The emergency room is known as "akuten" in Swedish; it is probably there that you should head.

The hospital also has a sexual health unit. They have an AIDS/HIV hotline 018 53 05 90 and they have a doctor who can help with sexually transmitted diseases.

There is also a department called "Uppsala Care", which is specifically focused on foreign patients. There are a number of important things to note about Uppsala Care. Firstly, it is aimed at non-EU patients. If you are from the EU you will be treated within the normal system (just make sure to have your European Healthcare Card with you). Secondly, Uppsala Care is primarily for specialist care, think larger, more involved surgical procedures. You should not go to Uppsala Care if you need to see a doctor. You will also be liable for the entire cost of the treatment: the cheapest doctor's visit costs around 5000 crowns.

Uppsala Care however is able to give advice to foreign patients and you may ring them if you need to (although the best advice number is probably 1177, as mentioned above). If you need a more involved medical treatment or need to ask a question you can reach Uppsala Care on 018 611 22 97.