Nearest health center and pharmacy

Here are the contact details for the health centres (vårdcentral) and pharmacies (apotek) nearest to the main student areas:

For information of the healthcare system for international students click here

Lilla Sunnersta

Apoteket: "Björnen" 


Valthornsv. 7 Gottsunda Centrum


Gottsunda Vårdcentral


Valthornsv. 23

Opening hours: Mon-Frid 8-17

Telephone number for booking/advice 018 - 611 78 13

Eriksberg (if you live at Blodstensvägen for example)

Apoteket: "Hjärtat"

Address: Västertorg 5 B 


Eriksbergs vårdcentral


Granitvägen 5

752 43 Uppsala

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8-17, Wednesday 07-19

Telephone number for booking/advice: 018 - 611 79 01

Flogsta (Senandersväg for example)

Apoteket: The nearest pharmacies to Flogsta is in Stenhagen. There are two of them, one in ICA Maxi and one in Coop Forum. They are usually open when the stores are open so most days 8-22.


Flogsta Vårdcentral


Flogstavägen 95

752 72 Uppsala

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8-17

Telephone number for booking/advice: 018- 611 76 81

You may also check out Kungsgärdet.

Rackarberget (Triangle, even Flogsta)

Apoteket: See central Uppsala


Kungsgärdets vårdcentral


S:t Johannesgatan 28A

752 33 Uppsala

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8-17, Wednesday 07.30-18

Telephone number for booking/advice: Tel 018 - 611 78 55

(between 7:30 - 16.30)

Kantorsgatan (Djäknegatan, Väktargatan etc)



Heidenstams Torg

Nyby vårdcentral


Heidenstamsgatan 69

754 27 Uppsala

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 7.30-17

Drop in 7.30-16

Telephone number for booking/advice: 018 - 611 75 01, 018-611 75 10 

(Between 6.00-16:30)

You should also go here if you need a vaccination. Call for information and booking: 018-611 75 10

Eklundshof (Döbelnsgatan and other areas around BMC/Ångström)


The nearest is a part of the hospital (Akademiska sjukhuset)

It is located at entrance number 70 (ingång 70)

Opening hours. 9-21, 7 days a week.


There is no vårdcentral nearby. The easiest solution is to go to Samariterhemmet.  

Central Uppsala

Apoteket: There are 3 that are centrally located 


Svartbäcksg. 8, 75320 Uppsala (this one is in the shopping mall - gågatan)


Skolg. 33 B, 75002 Uppsala 

"Uplands Vapen"





Dragarbrunnsgatan 70

753 20 Uppsala

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8-17

Telephone number for booking/advice   018 - 611 89 00 between 8.00-11.30, 13.00-16.00

Samariterhemmet - Uppsala närakut

This is the place that you can go when you can't get a hold of anyone else!

Here you can find "Uppsala närakut". They are open from 7-23 and have drop in booking. You can find "Uppsala närakut" on the 6th floor of the Samariterhemmet building - you use the side entrance (the side closest to stora torget), go in through the doors and take the elevator up. Närakut is probably not the best place to go if you have a serious problem.