Go to the pub

Going to a pub. Sounds simple enough. Read on and see if this article sheds new light on the experience

In alot of ways going to a pub in Uppsala is just like going to a pub everywhere else. You go to your nearest nation, order a drink, possibly even some food and with good company have a nice relaxed time.

Sounds normal does it not? Well there were a few things that struck me as unusual when I first came to Uppsala so I thought I would mention them here, in case you are also from my part of the world.

First thing that I noticed when ordering a drink was that the bar staff actually used a little plastic measure to measure the amount of alcohol that I was buying. In connection to that they asked me if I wanted a 4cl or a 6cl drink.....

Even after it was explained that cl pertained to the amount of alcohol that goes in the drink, I was still confused since I really do not know the ideal amount of alcohol that I want in my drink, never had to count before!

Ok but up to this point, I know now, it is the nations policy and not something that one person does. 

But what about the pub coulture itself? Are there differences there?

I believe there are a few. For example, buying things for the whole gang. Well, sure, you could do that but it is not that often that people buy each other drinks, so you might want to keep that in mind. Even more, it would be wise to not buy drinks for people you do not know in order to flirt with them. That can end wrong!

You do not usually dance in pubs, and you do not usually sing either. Generally you sit and talk and enjoy that.

Having explained all of this I can now give you a piece of advice: Ignore everything that I have written and do whatever makes you happy! Buy yourself and your friends drinks, dance and sing!