Medical Section

What is the medical section?
The medical section is part of Uppsala student union with the intention to close the gap between the union’s activity and the students, thus making it easier for the students to influence the situation at their faculty. The section includes the following programs:

- Biomedicine programme
- Biomedicine analysis programme
- Physiotherapist programme
- Speech therapy programme
- Medical programme
- Radiology nursing programme
- Nursing programme
- Specialist nursing programs, including the midwifery program
- The masterprograms of the medical faculty

The medical section acts as a cooperation body for the student councils and associations that belongs to the disciplinary domain of medicine. The section works, together with the student councils, to enhance the quality of the course and to improve the work environment. One of the most important tasks for the sections is to assign student representatives in all decision-making bodies at the faculty and its campuses.

It is possible for a student or a student association to apply for grants from the section for projects involving:
- Education
- Student influence
- Work environment
- Promotion for the section or its member associations/councils

The section council consists of representatives from the student councils and associations that represent the different programs at the faculty. Currently the council consists of the following councils/associations:
- BAStU-rådet, representing the biomedical laboratory science programme
- Biomedicinska föreningen, representing the biomedicine programme
- LSRU, representing the speech and language pathology programme
- Medical Master Council (MMC), representing the master programs at the faculty
- MSR, representing the medicine programme
- SG-SR, representing the physiotherapy programme
- SSiU, representing the nursing programme

As the highest decision-making body of the section, the council for example, assigns most of the student representatives at the faculty. The council also acts as a forum where faculty spanning questions can be discussed.

What does the student liaison officers do?
The medical section has two student liaison officers that are remunerated by the student union to work with education and work environment related questions. One of the most important functions of the student liaison officers is to support students that have study related problems. They also aid the section council and its member with their work. You can contact the student liaison officers if you have been violated by a teacher/supervisor or a student, if you have been accused of cheating or if the work environment at your campus is bad. The student liaison officers will represent you against the university so you do not need to have a dispute with the university or a teacher.

I want to be involved and influence
Are you interested to be a student representative or influence the situation at your program or campus? Then you should contact your student council, the section or the student liaison officers.

How do I contact you?
You are always welcome to visit our office at Studentservice (A4:1) at BMC (Husargatan 3).
Our e-mail addresses are:
- Student liaison officer with case and education responsibility: [at]
- Student liaison officer with section and work environment responsibility: [at]
- President of the section council: [at]
- Vice president of the section council: [at]

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