Section Lära

Sektion Lära is part of Uppsala Student Union and is for pedagogy students of the faculty for education science. We are located at Blåsenhus, but we have frequent contact with other campuses since the teacher students are spread out on all campuses. Sektion Lära has the motto: Influence, support, activity.

The board of Sektion Lära consists of a chairman, a vice chairman, a treasurer, and four members. The board meet approximately once every three weeks to discuss matters of importance to the section, and to maintain good contact with the student liason officers. The student liason officers have different responsibilities: case work, section responsibilities and work environment responsibilities.

We support students in their education, when they have questions or have run in to a problem. We work together with the faculty to ensure the education the students receive is as good as it can be.

The student liaison officers make sure the everyday tasks of the section run smoothly, and that students always have someone to turn to if they need it. The student liaison officers are found at Blåsenhus 12:014, or you can email studiebev.lara [at] (for cases) or sektion.lara [at] (for questions about the section or work environment).

You can find us on social medias:
Facebook group: Sektion Lära  
Twitter: @sektionlara 
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