Student Liaisons Officers

The Student Liaison Officers can be found at every faculty and they are here to help you! Student Liaison Officers are students who work for Uppsala Student Union. 

One of the main roles of the Student Liaison Officer is to ensure that students get a say in the way their education is formed. One of the great things about higher education in Sweden is that students have the formal right to representation in many different decision making bodies. Even better, it is often the case that students' opinions are valued and respected.

If you would like to be involved in decisions about your course or program you can contact your Student Liaison Officer and join a Study Council. Here you will be able to meet other students and discuss relevant issues at your faculty. While language may be a barrier that impedes you from joining in at a higher level, for example sitting in the departmental meetings and so on, it should not be a problem at all for joining a study council. 

Student Liaison Officers can also help you with a range of aspects of life at your faculty - they can help direct you to the right person you may need to talk to, they can help you if something goes wrong, they can give you all sorts of tips and advice!

To contact the Student Liaison Officers you can go to Contact in the main menu or to Sections in the menu to the left. What section you belong to depends on what you are studying.