Uppsala Student Council

The Council is Uppsala Student Union's highest governing body that determines what Uppsala Student Union should do and who should sit on Uppsala Student Union Board and who represents the students in a broad range of important organs, such as the University Board. The Council decides how Uppsala Student Union shall prioritize financial resources.

The Council meets seven times a year and all members of the Uppsala Student Union has the right to attend and be heard.

The Council consists of 41 members from the various student union parties. The distribution of seats in the Council is determined by the result of the Student Union Elections that is held every year, and determines the constellation of the Uppsala Student Union Board, depending on negotiations, coalitions, etc. within the Student Union Council. 

How you vote in the election will determine how and what kind of services Uppsala Student Union will provide to you and other members. Therefore it is important to vote in the election.

Do you have questions you would like to direct to the Student Union Council? 

Contact the Council's president, fum.ordf (a) us.uu.se