Do you want to be a buddy?

Uppsala student union has started the International Buddy programme for all incoming international students.

Would you like to be one of the people welcoming them?

Your role would be to start up a communication line between yourself and the new student/s coming so that you can provide them that little extra help that we all need when moving to a new country. To apply, »click here«.

If you are a law student, »click here«.

Buddy Guidelines

As it is completely understood that your time is limited, there are very few demands that we have of you, and then quite a few suggestions. 

A general must is to make contact with the new student/s assigned to you and ask if there is something that you can help with (eg. Questions, problems, general suggestions).

A good suggestion is to not be afraid to sign up for more than one newbie. It really is not that much more time consuming to have 2 or 3 instead of 1.

Another much appreciated service would be to pick up your student/s from the train station and show them to the reception at VG Nation where they can find out all about Orientation Week and to their accommodation. It is understood that if you chose to have more than one student you might not be able to pick all of them up, therefore you are not required to do so.

International students generally need to do 3 things once they have arrived in Uppsala: Find their accommodation, visit their coordinator at Uppsala University  and visit the Orientation Week reception. That way they will have received all the crucial information they need.

Once Orientation Week is over then it is completely up to you and the new student/s to maintain contact, to participate in the events that the student union, the student organisations and the international committee will be organising throughout the semester. 

In addition, you will be part of a “buddy group”, consisting of five buddies and their newbies. These groups are the social part of the programme: you can meet up, organize activities, help each other and get to know other people from the programme. If you feel like being more engaged in the buddy programme, and ready to take a bit more responsibility (and to have more fun!) you can apply to become one of the Buddy Group Leaders. If you are worried about not knowing all that much or not being able to help all that much you should not be! You can always turn to the project manager for the buddy programme at the Uppsala Student Union or the international officer at UTN if you are uncertain of how to answer or how to help.

The most important thing to remember when doing this is that it is fun! Both for you and for your student/s! 

It is a great opportunity to meet new people from different cultures, and learn from each other how exciting Uppsala can be!

For more information contact Kevin Voo project manager of the Buddy Programme.