Are you confused about housing in Uppsala?

This is a must read before you decide to come to Uppsala (or indeed if you are already here but do not know what you should do with housing). The housing situation is somewhat special in Uppsala and can be hard to understand as a foreigner. This page explains what housing is available to you and what you have to do to get it. It also shows a more personal perspective on life in the various housing areas.

Housing in Uppsala is in all likelihood very different to housing in your homeland. It explains what it is that is so different about housing in Uppsala and also what housing you are eligble for. 

Why should you read this? Because it is somewhat tricky acquiring housing in Uppsala, and you don’t want to turn up in November expecting to be able to fix something when you arrive and all of a sudden it is freezing cold and you don’t have anywhere to live!

So, read on!

Watch out for scams!

Quite recently we had a few incidents where international students got scammed when they tried to secure second-hand housing through advertisements they found on the internet. While you should not be afraid to secure housing this way, most of the advertisers have the right intentions and it is still one of the best ways to find housing. It is good however, to read the general advice to prevent scams in the file attached below this page! And of course if you feel insecure about your contract or landlord you are most welcome to contact the Student Union at any time for advice.

What exactly is the housing situation in Uppsala?

The short answer to this is that it is both good and bad! The good news is thus: The rental market is highly regulated, which means that very good quality accommodation is available at reasonable prices. The bad news is this: As anyone who has read a little economics knows this

leads to a shortage of supply. The result of this shortage is that almost all housing relies upon some sort of queue system, whereby one registers with a housing provider and when you apply for a rental object your ability to get it depends on how many days you have in the queue. This makes it tough for internationals, and indeed even those Swedes who come from other parts of the country.

Okay, what housing options are available for me? 

Good question! I am glad that you asked! Depending on what type of student you are you have varying options for housing.

There are a number of different categories of students:


Free-mover or Master's student – An international student who arranges their own studies and is not part of any exchange program

Doctoral student – A student who is taking part in a Doctoral Program

Guest Researcher – A person undertaking research for a shorter period


Master’s Student/Doctoral Student/Guest Researcher

On the Student Union's website studentboet you will find detailled information about the housing situation in Uppsala, as well as available housing, and links to all accommodators in Uppsala.

Exchange student – A student who is temporarily here under an exchange agreement 

Read more about housing as a Exchange student

In case you are really stuck there are a number of places where you can arrange an extended stay for anywhere from a few days to a few months. Click here to see a list of these.


Still feeling lost? Contact our Accommodation Officer at bostad [at] us.uu.se or +46 18 480 3120



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